On your own on Christmas day? - Come and join us!
Christmas Day, Drop In and Christmas Lunch, Memorial Hall, midday to 6pm
3 course lunch (pre-booking essential) plus drinks .... and the Queen's speech
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Photo and more tales from Heinkel downing in 1940
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There is a cycle of events that provide the heart to village life - April provides an opportunity to visit the wonderful Pympne manor; May has the open day of the The Grange garden; June the traditional village fete takes place in the centre of the village organised by the church; July has the Benenden tennis tournament; September Jazz in the village hall; November sees the splendid fireworks in Glebe Field organised by the scouts; and Christmas time sees the festivities in the church and all the varied clubs and groups.

Proposed new schoolAt the centre of the village is the primary school. However the old school buildings on the village green are to be replaced to transform the children's education. The site has been chosen as the field adjacent to the Glebe Field and the Recreation Ground. The planning permission was granted in January 2013 (plans can viewed through KCC Planning). On February 9th 2015 the UK government announced that funding for the new school will be provided under the Priority School Building Programme 2 as one of 277 school projects funded from 2015 to 2021.

The parish includes Iden Green, East End, Standen Street and Dingleden.

There are many opportunities to meet up with fellow villagers (as seen by the list of links on the left hand side of the page) - events for all ages and interests. Throughout the summer the cricket team plays on the green providing a quintessential Kentish scene - visitors can take in the Bull and have a stroll around the historic village church.

The parish has a splendid war memorial where the loss of the armed forces personnel during the two world wars are recorded (see this page for full details).

Ernest Pollard and Hazel Strouts have written a major piece of work about the village -'Benenden Landscape' - read more about it and get a freecopy from this site by clicking here. You can also find 8 walks around Benenden described on that same page.

As recorded in Michael Davies' splendid and extensive 'Benenden - A Pictorial History' the village was one of the few places in the area known as the Weald (of Kent) that was named in the Domesday book. Benenden has largely escaped the development sprawl that has overtaken many a local village and is fortunate in retaining a number of small independent shops and thriving pubs

Some Benenden events from years gone past ......

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee was celebrated with great enthusiasm across the village in June 2012 - you can see a list of what we did here.

The Queen's Golden Jubilee was celebrated over Monday June 3rd and Tuesday June 4th 2002 with the ever popular Iden Green Fayre and the family day on Benenden Green. Click on the picture of the Benenden Primary School maypole dancers for more images of the Golden Jubilee.

As part of the village's millennium celebration the new village sign was unveiled on Saturday 26th August 2000. - Click picture of the sign to see more about the unveiling of the sign.

Over that same weekend there was a wonderful flower festival held in and around St George's Church. Click the picture to see more about the Flower Festival

Benenden Womens Club
Thu 8th Dec, 7:30pm
Christmas dinner
Darts knockout and meat raffle
Sat 10th Dec, 8pm
Come and try your skill
Parish Council Meeting
Mon 12th Dec, 7:30pm
Come and see what's happening
Primary School Nativity
Tue 13th Dec, 2:30pm
Bring a tissue - happy emotional event
Merry and Bright Club
Tue 13th Dec, 3pm
Refuse Lorry for Domestic Waste
Sat 17th Dec, 8am
For non-compostable things
Christmas draw with nibbles
Sat 17th Dec, 8pm
Come and try your luck

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